Atlantic Network Solutions

Computer Networks

The core of our business is computer networks. Networks allow users to share information such as Internet access, applications, and data, share resources such as printers, scanners, and digital imaging, and Faxes, store data in a single location for ease of backups, and mange your resources from a single location.

Remote Access & VPN's

Atlantic Network Services, Inc can create a secure remote access solution utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tailored to your business needs and budget. We have helped our clients implement remote connectivity for corporate headquarters and key employees/owners/management and remote branch offices.

Some of the Key Points of a Proper Remote Access Solution:

* Secure Across the Link and where the data-corporate systems are stored
* Accessibility via any Internet Connection
* Access to all the same applications & information as if the end user was sitting in the office.
* Access from home, while on vacation, for remote offices, and virtually anywhere!
* Branch Offices do not need to have duplicate software and hardware systems!
* Fully oversee & support your customer, financial, application,

and other systems via one access @ your main offices!

ANS, Inc provides solutions that are affordable and easily cost justifiable.

You no longer need to accept high connectivity costs and consistent downtime-Atlantic Network Services, Inc has helped many clients save thousands of dollars while maintaining a high level of productivity! Contact us to find out how we can help your organization!

Security and Anti Virus

Every business should have a carefully thought out security strategy that includes both proactive and reactive plans. The proactive or pre-attack strategy is a set of steps that helps to minimize vulnerabilities and develop contingency plans. The reactive strategy or post-attack strategy helps security personnel to assess the damage caused by an attack, repair the damage, document the experience, and get business functions running as soon as possible.

ANS, Inc can advise you about how to design security into your business processes. We can install scanning and auditing software, define and implement a secure network architecture, and recommend procedures and policies to optimize the safety of your network. Our security expertise is available to help you configure a firewall, set up secure remote access to email and data, and implement a virtual private network (VPN).

Disaster Recovery

Atlantic Network Services, Inc can assist you in formulating a plan to have just in case the worst case scenario occurs. No one wants anything of this magnitude to ever happen and impact your organization. Unfortunately we have seen that the possibility is greater than it ever has been. You owe it to yourself and organization to have a recovery plan in place to ensure if the least to the worst case scenarios do occur your business will continue to operate.

Planning A Move

If you are planning a move the last thing you need is the headache of dealing with multiple vendors. We can provide a complete “turn-key” solution for you instead of having to deal with multiple vendors. The services & equipment we can provide & advise you on include:

* Communications Cabling Implementation
* Telephone Systems Solutions
* Wide Area & Internet Connectivity
* Hardware Support & Implementation
* Software & software configurations
* Complete system wide network solutions

HIPAA Compliancy

The importance of patient records privacy is vital in this day and age of technology. When it comes to technology and the compliancy with HIPAA regulations Atlantic Network Services, Inc can help. Here are some resources that may help you to understand and implement all the provisions of HIPAA in your practice:

What is HIPAA