Atlantic Networks Products


Whether you have a single server or multiple servers spanning many locations the server is the key to your company’s data flow and network productivity. ANS, Inc recommends Dell and HP for server hardware platforms. We can assist you in determining the server the best suits your needs for today in the future.


Choosing a computer is simple, but keep in mind that your workstation should be comfortable and reliable. ANS, Inc recommends Dell and HP/Compaq for its customers. These vendors have proven to supply dependable workstations and resolve hardware issues in a timely manner resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Systems integration is our specialty. We implement many devices to satisfy our customer needs every day.

Here are a few examples;

* Laser & ink Jet Printers-Color or Black & White
* Networked Scanners and Digital Senders
* Memory and other internal workstation upgrades etc.
* Wireless keyboards & mice
* Wireless Connectivity with your offices
* Monitors, Flat screens, & projection Systems
* Digital Imaging Solutions
* Data Recovery & Back Up Solutions
* Tablet PCs wireless enabled for Office Mobility
* Firewall and VPN Solutions
* Surge Supression & SMART-UPS Capability

Network Hardware

ANS, Inc can provide you the best networking hardware for your needs. Because a network infrastructure is what runs your organization we do advise our clients to only utilize top tier manufacturers. We have seen more often than not, when an organization chooses to use less than the best they end up having problems, incurring higher expenses, and their network goes down more than it should.

* LAN Hubs & Switches
* Routers
* Firewalls
* VPN Internet Appliances
* HIPAA Compliant Hardware
* Network Cards
* Laptop Network Connectivity
* Local & Wide Area Network Wireless Solutions


ANS, Inc supports the entire family of Microsoft products with a focus on Microsoft's NT/2000/2003 Server, Exchange 2000/2003 Server, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP Operating Systems, and Microsoft Office Packages. In addition, we also offer support for LINUX, Novell, and MAC users.

Most of our customers utilize their computer network to support their own applications. ANS is pleased to offer software support for various markets;

* Accounting & Inventory Management
* Quoting Proposal management
* Contact Management
* Word processing & Spreadsheets
* Database integration
* Internet Sharing & Firewalls
* Healthcare Solutions
* Construction & Service Company Packages
* Scheduling & Email Solutions
* Remote Access
* Data back Up Solutions
* Network Topology

Telephone Systems

We pride ourselves on providing solutions that meets our clients’ needs. We provide solutions for our small to medium clients. Our goal is to provide you a telephone system solution that:

* Provides for today’s voice needs, and is upgradeable for future growth.
* Is affordable and within your budget with leasing options available.
* Meets your technology needs today, with the vision to see to the future needs of your organization.

We accomplish these goals because of our knowledge of technology, our dedication to customer satisfaction for every client big or small, and our belief that if you take care of your clients today with the best solution they will continue to utilize you & refer you to others in the future-Long Term Relationships.

* Key and Digital Telephone Systems
* Voice over IP (VoIP)
* Voice Mail
* Paging
* Automated Call Distributors
* Automated Attendants
* Wireless Phones, and Lightning Protection
* Cabling Connectivity
* Computer Network Integration