Atlantic Networks Services

At Atlantic Networks we offer a wide variety of services. Listed below are just a few of the many services we offer. Please contact us to discuss your needs. All of our solutions are customized for your individual business needs.

LAN/WAN Design, Development, Design & Installation

Local Are Networks (LAN) is the foundation of your organizations computer network. Atlantic Network Services, Inc can design a network to suit your needs, we support Peer to Peer, Client/Server, and Thin Client networks. In addition, we can extend access to your LAN to remote offices, mobile users, or home/office users creating a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Internet/Intranet Design & Implementation

The Internet is a global network connecting thousands of independent computer networks through high-speed connections. World Wide Web sites can be accessed by anyone who has access to the Internet. An Intranet functions exactly like the Internet with one difference. It is only accessible to those people on your network ; employees, suppliers, or customers. With an Intranet, you control the content and the accessibility.

Systems Performance Monitoring

Do you need to know the status of your network anytime anyplace? ANS, Inc can design a monitoring system that will allow the ability to review your key systems uptime, availability, and overall performance plus notify you via e-mail or pager in the event of a system outage, overload, or potential threat.

Virtual Private Networks

In today’s competitive markets it’s essential to access your data from anywhere. This can be accomplished via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In short, this allows your users to securely access your data via the Internet using data encryption to protect your sensitive information. This is a cost effective way to extend your LAN to remote offices and home/office users.

Network Security

With the advent of the Internet and newer technologies it is unfortunate that you have to be concerned about security and malicious viruses that can attack your computer network. In today’s world you must concern yourself with malicious viruses, competitors, ex-employees, & any other threat that may be poised to you & your organization.

E-Mail Integration

No matter what business you’re in, efficient communications are vital. Most companies today have presence on the Internet and are able to communicate through e-mail. However many users are unaware of the benefits of the collaborative tools Microsoft Outlook with Exchange Server can offer. Imagine the ability to keep your calendar electronically and have your staff manage your appointments or a company wide database of contacts. All of this is available with Microsoft’s Server and Exchange Server. Contact Atlantic Network Services to see how this can make your office more efficient.

CAT5 Cabling & Network Infrastructure

A reliable data depends on the stability of your cabling infrastructure. Atlantic Network Services, Inc provides new installations, additional drops, and evaluation services to ensure uninterrupted data transfer.

Telecom Support

Whether your needs are as simple as adding a single line phone, troubleshooting, or as complex as building a sophisticated telephone system solution, Atlantic Network Services, Inc is well-equipped to meet your highest expectations.

Atlantic Network Services, Inc can support most needs for our small and medium clients. We focus on the organizations that our competitors do not like to bother with. We provide consulting, sales, maintenance, and service to phone systems by Avaya, Lucent, Samsung, Cisco, 3COM and Meridian.